Sensible Wellness for Women

Erin Smith, ERYT, CNT, MLS & Andra Sewalls, ERYT, CPT, MLS

Following the Four after the Big FOUR-OH

Yoga teachers and wellness experts Erin Smith and Andra Sewalls have inspired thousands of real women to find more wholeness and balance in their lives. They’re excited to take their message off the mat and into the hands of other badass women aged forty and beyond in finding health, purpose, and balance within the chaos of their full, amazing lives.

Their wisdom will guide you to wholeness through four life areas. Perfect doesn’t exist and the process of healthy balance is on going. Learn to navigate that process by Following the Four:

Invite: Learn to set intentions, meditate, and invite more gratitude and peace into your life, while releasing negative self-talk.

Digest: Restore your body’s natural balance and learn which foods nourish your best self.

Move: Turn back the clock through yoga, weight training, and gentle cardiovascular movement.

Rest: Maximize your body’s natural healing potential through the power of deep sleep, restorative yoga, and inviting more fun into your life.

Sensible Wellness is not a diet, a detox, or a 21-day plan. It instead offers a holistic, long-term approach to making smart, balanced choices towards health, happiness, and longevity. Entwining funny, personal stories with real, practical advice, Sensible Wellness is a love letter to women who want to feel truly alive.

About the Authors

Erin Smith, ERYT, CNT, MLS

Erin is a Wellness Warrior. She has over 20 years and 5,000 hours yoga teaching experience. Her retreat center, the OM place, has supported community wellness for over 16 years. She has a rich background in yoga, therapeutics, mythology, Thai Massage bodywork, nutritional consulting, neuromuscular therapy (NMT), and Meditation. She holds certifications from the Health Sciences Academy as both a Nutritional Therapist and a Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor and holds a Masters in Library Science from the University of Kentucky. Erin’s yoga classes are influenced by her sense of humor, love of music, mad storytelling skills, and wonder at the mystery of life. When she’s not standing on her head, she enjoys being a wife, mother, woggler, dancer, reader, flower sniffer, entrepreneur, guitar player, and wine drinker. She loves peonies, Mary Oliver, sushi, books that move her to tears, and crushing her bucket list. She plans to be a bird in her next life.

Andra Sewalls, ERYT, CPT, MLS

Andra earned her 500-hour yoga teaching certification from the OM place and her personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise. She loves working with people to encourage healthy living and happiness through yoga and resistance training. In addition to her exercise certifications, Andra also has a Masters in Library Science from the University of Kentucky. She is the owner of Studio A, a home-based personal training and wellness service. When she is not teaching yoga, she enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, reading, taking amateur pictures and trying to make beautiful things! Andra loves Zac Brown, craft beer, coffee with half and half, and raising chickens (though she hates eggs with a passion)!

Andra & Erin

Andra and Erin have known each other most of their lives. They are in a long-term, committed exercise relationship that has evolved from pushing strollers to doing push-ups with their children. They are polar opposites and great friends. Andra likes sleeping late, country music, craft beer, and chana sag; she is a realist and an introvert. Erin is an early riser, loves acoustic folk, and is red wine and vegetable korma all the way; she is an eternal optimist and loves to be in front of a crowd. They are constantly struggling to balance being good wives, moms, friends, and business owners while changing the world one down dog at a time.

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